Workgroup meeting intravital imaging

Dear Intravital microscopy enthusiasts,

Are you working with, or planning to work with, intravital microscopy? Would you like to share your knowledge, gain experience, and expand your network? Then the Intravital Microscopy workgroup within the NVvM (Dutch Microscopy Organization) is something for you. We organize our first (online) meeting on the 15th of October, from 15.00-17.00. We aim to bring people in the field of Intravital Imaging together.

Since it is our first official meeting, we start with an introduction round and discussion of our proposed mission statement, see the program below. Also, since intravital microscopy does not stop at the border, we have invited speakers associated with the German Bioimaging (Gerbi) Intravital Imaging workgroup, which was initiated 5 years ahead of us. Feel free to invite your colleagues (via spreading the zoom link) within your institute but also potentially interested collaborators elsewhere, possibly abroad.

The zoom link is

Meeting ID: 960 5748 8205, Password: 332449

With best regards,
Gert-Jan Bakker and Marc van Zandvoort

15:00h Introduction round
15:15h Proposed mission statement
15:30h First speaker, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Fried, head of the Light Microscope Facility, DZNE
Hans Fried runs a core facility in the DZNE (Bonn), with 8 out of 30 setups being dedicated to multiphoton imaging, small animal operation tables, and analysis software tools dedicated to intravital microcopy. Within the DZNE, groups study neuro-degeneration and are therefore specialized on intravital imaging of the brain or spinal cord, using imaging techniques ranging from super resolution STED to deep imaging with three-photon excitation.

16:15h Second speaker, Dr. Katrin Roth, chair Intravital Imaging Workgroup Gerbi
Katrin Roth is the head of the Imaging Facility in the University of Marburg, which has a strong focus on intravital imaging with skin and bone models. Within the Gerbi, Kathrin is the chair of the Intravital Imaging (IvMic) workgroup, which she will present during our meeting. The IvMic organized already several meetings, with round table discussions on main themes and presentations on cutting-edge models and imaging methods.

16:45h Mission statement revisited, outlook, questions, and announcements
17:00h closure remarks