SVI Analyzing objects within other objects and object organization, using clusters and convex hull operations

If you image analysis questions concern the organization or properties of objects, or the grouping of objects within other objects such as for example nuclei or cells, then this webinar may interest you. We will show you how tho use the latest features in the Huygens Object Analyzer to not only analyze object in detail, but also to count and analyze the properties of objects within objects (cells, nucleus, organelles) in the other channel. The organization of objects can also be determined within just a single channel by clustering them using the Cluster Analyzer. And, geometric analysis of clusters is facilitated with the newly implemented convex hull option, which basically works like placing a rubber balloon around a cluster of objects. Convex hull based analysis also can aid the analysis of non-homogeneously stained objects, as is often teh case with for example DAPI-stained nuclei. The ‘rubber balloon’/convex hull of the object then helps to fill the holes in the segmentation for the non-homogeneous staining. Register here for this webinar.