SVI Analysis pipelines & Batch Processing; Using Huygens Command Line Interface

Huygens Core can be configured for maximum performance offered by computer nodes, large scale 64 bit multiprocessors, and systems with multiple (high-end) Nvidia GPU cards. The Huygens Core Compute Engine can be called from any pipeline environment using our new Command Line Interface (CLI). Run all of Huygens’ sophisticated image processing tasks, as available in the Workflow Processor, with a node/job managment software such as SLURM (Trademark of SCHEDMD LLC), or from an analysis pipeline scripted with for example Jupyter (Trademark of NumFOCUS foundation). If you do not want to program yourself and are interested in using the Core for batch image processing or with many users, you can use the customizable front-end Huygens Remote Manager. This open source task manager acts as a web-interface to Huygens Core that can be can be used with any web-browser. Aside from these topics, we address during this webinar the new tasks added to the Workflow Processor, such as crosstalk correction and the 3D Object AnalyzerRegister here for this webinar.