Smart microscopy

Dear Euro-BioImaging Colleagues,

On 13th October 2022, we are organizing a one-day workshop together with the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board on the subject of “Smart microscopy” at the Imaging Centre at EMBL, Heidelberg. 

For those of you that are unable to travel, you now have the opportunity to attend the workshop virtually in a webinar format and listen to the presentations. Attendance is free, however we kindly ask you to register for the meeting here:

About the meeting:

Smart microscopy connects bioimage analysis with computer-controlled microscopy to generate automated and adaptive imaging workflows to enable quantitative, statistically meaningful results in complex biological systems. This approach brings new challenges, such as accessing and controlling instrument hardware via suitable software, designing good workflows or handling of large, terabyte-sized data sets during operation. Our workshop brings together leading instrument and software providers with experts from our Euro-BioImaging Nodes to discuss research needs, technical requirements and existing solutions for smart microscopy in presentations and discussions. A draft agenda is attached.

Deadline for registration: 6th October 2022.