NVvM Core Facility staff day

Dear NVvM members,
After a two-year break for obvious reasons, the NVvM will organize the next operator day, like we did in the Hubrecht, MUMC and in Eindhoven (Thermofisher). Herewith we ask you for your input for the program (see below) as well as a save-the-date, so feel free to suggest (your) topic/ contribution for the day. We will include the national data management efforts

NVvM Core Facility staff day – UMC Groningen – September 1st 2022

Looking forward to your presence and or contribution to the day.
Best, Ben Giepmans on behalf of the NVvM board

Goals: Collaborate to implement successful solutions at Dutch microscopy centers
Network to easier reach out to collogues at core facilities that may have a solution for your problem
Format: Short talks from you (?!) on the below focal topics.
Parallel sessions with work groups https://nvvm.microscopie.nl/workgroups/
A lunch is included (Zeiss) as well as a tour. Please rsvp if you are interested in a special microscope at the UMCG core facility (www.umic.info)
Today’s Focus: Data management, light sheet, ELMI 2023, and your theme/ workgroup interest?
Target group: Staff from Dutch microscope core facilities

Registration: Email info@microscopie.nl before August 2nd 2022

Fee: 50 EU; Free for NVvM members (membership info: www. microscopie.nl)

Venue: UMC Groningen