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NVvM aims at promoting the strong tradition of light and electron microscopy in the natural sciences in the Netherlands. NVvM helps to create a network of users that can share their expertise and equipment.

NvVM organizes a yearly meeting where young scientists can present their work, hear about new developments in the field and learn how to use microscopy to address key questions in biology and physics.

NVvM membership costs only 35 euro per year, but provides you with an opportunity to get a discount for participation in international microscopy meetings and free NVvM newsletters.

PhD students who are NVvM members can get support for their thesis production through SEN (Stichting tot Bevordering van de Electronenmicroscopie in Nederland) if they are involved in studies that use electron microscopy. By increasing the number of its members, NVvM aims to provide similar support for PhD students working in other microscopy areas.

So, if microscopy as important part of your research or commercial activities, JOIN the NVvM and help to support Imaging and Microscopy in the Netherlands.

Please fill in the form below to become a member.


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