Contributions to the costs of a microscopy-oriented congress visit

As Article 2 of the Statutes indicate, the Dutch Society for Microscopy sets (NVvM) aims to promote the interests of the microscopy and closely related techniques in the Netherlands.

To achieve this include subsidies granted to members of the NVvM as a contribution towards the cost of attending a meeting.

  1. The grant amounts up to € 113.45 for destinations in the Netherlands, € 226.90 for destinations within Europe and € 453.78 for destinations outside Europe.
  2. The requesting member must be at least one year paying member of the NVvM and all financial obligations are met towards the NVvM.
  3. The requesting member must give a presentation in which the microscopy center stage.  This presentation serves the requesting member, preferably in advance, to also provide a scientific meeting of the association.
  4. The application must be in writing and with reasons and be accompanied by a budget and a recommendation from the head of the requesting member.
  5. The application must be sent to the Secretary of the NVvM.
  6. The subsidies take the form of a guarantee.  Settlement follows only after filing a declaration with (copies of) evidence in support of the financial controller of the NVvM.
  7. When assessing an application for a grant, previously acquired subsidies by the same member will be taken into account.
  8. Younger researchers have priority.

Furthermore, those individuals or groups because of their training, the potential will be micrsocopy but are not members working (or not yet fully year member) of the NVvM also be eligible for a grant.  In that case the funding and height of the budget will be decided by the Board.

The grant must be used to meet costs that are directly related to training in microscopy and related techniques, in which the application is made by a supervisor who meets the guidelines listed above for NVvM grants.

Applications should be addressed to the NVvM board via the NVvM secretary.