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Past events

24 January 2024 Opening Symposium Radboudumc Electron Microscopy Center

Basics in fluorescence microscopy

Huygens Image Contest 2023

STED microscopy workshop November 6(&7)

Symposium en publieksdag 70 jaar Nobelprijs Frits Zernike

Webinar: Super-resolution techniques and focus on nuclear pore complex

SVI Analyzing objects within other objects and object organization, using clusters and convex hull operations

10 Years Utrecht Bioimaging

October 12 NEMI day 2023

SVI Analysis pipelines & Batch Processing; Using Huygens Command Line Interface

9-10 October 2023: NWO Biophysics


CMEM lab opening, TU Eindhoven

12 May: NVBMB Spring Meeting: Structural Biology, Recent Advances.

May 8 & 9, UMC Groningen: Big data: FAIR management, Deep Learning & Analysis

26 April: NeCEN symposium

Hackaton Whole slide analysis

Van Leeuwenhoek year exhibit and lectures @ Boerhaave

17-20 April 2023: Cryosectioning and Immuno-EM course at UMC Utrecht

11-14 April 2023: Resin Electron Microscopy course at UMC Utrecht

FOM 2023

Hackaton Foci measurements

Functional Imaging Workgroup Meeting Thursday 16 February 2023

Hackaton OMERO

Smart microscopy


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