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Upcoming events

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Past events

October 12 NEMI day 2023

9-10 October 2023: NWO Biophysics


CMEM lab opening, TU Eindhoven

12 May: NVBMB Spring Meeting: Structural Biology, Recent Advances.

May 8 & 9, UMC Groningen: Big data: FAIR management, Deep Learning & Analysis

26 April: NeCEN symposium

Hackaton Whole slide analysis

Van Leeuwenhoek year exhibit and lectures @ Boerhaave

17-20 April 2023: Cryosectioning and Immuno-EM course at UMC Utrecht

11-14 April 2023: Resin Electron Microscopy course at UMC Utrecht

FOM 2023

Hackaton Foci measurements

Functional Imaging Workgroup Meeting Thursday 16 February 2023

Hackaton OMERO

Smart microscopy


NVvM Core Facility staff day

Course: Dutch Cryo-EM School 27 June – 2 July 2022

Course: Cryosectioning and Immuno-Electron Microscopy 13-16 June 2022

Course: Resin Electron Microscopy 8-10 June 2022

NEMI Platform colloquium: Marijn van Huis


Postponed: NEMI day 2022 at Naturalis Leiden

Postponed: NEMI day 2022 at Naturalis Leiden


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